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FIM European Drag Racing Championships Round 3 - NitrOlympx, Germany

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Hockenheim, Germany, August 10, 2014 - The third round of the 2014 FIM European Drag Racing Championship season was contested at Hockenheimring, Germany. Due to the recently run Germany GP, the drag strip surface needed to be re-prepared for this event so it was very fresh track to race on. The FIM bike classes handled their setups well and put up a great show with more than a few personal bests with elapsed times and speeds close to and above current FIM records.

Supertwin   Top Fuel   Pro Stock   Super Street

FIM Pro Stock Bike: There were three new FIM racers in place, Remi Morel, France, Roy Olsen from Norway and Alex Hope from the UK as was reigning champion Fredrik Fredlund who kept up the pace from earlier events. Fredlund was the number one qualifier, ran low ET and top speed of the event and won his third event win in a row this season. Second in points, Gert-Jan Laseur pulled a huge redlight against Remi Morel in the quarter finals which had Fredlund extending his points led as Fredlund went on to win the final round against local favorite Karl-Heinz Weikum. Karl-Heinz taking a huge step up in the points table and is currently in third place.

FIM Super Twin Top Fuel Bike: There's a hard fight between the current two top runners, Christian Jäger and Samu Kemppainen. Jäger was at the top of the list after qualifying with Samu in second place. Samu won his quarter final and got a breather as Jäger lost out against the number six qualifier Roman Sixta. Samu with another win in the semi finals together with Roman Sixta who made it to his first FIM final ever in Super Twin Top Fuel Bike. Unfortunately, Romans engine had been badly damaged in the semis which set up a solo run and the second event win for the year for Samu who also takes over the points lead.

FIM Top Fuel Bike: Ian King has won all events so far this season and hit the jackpot again at Hockenheimring. Number one qualifier, he set low ET and top speed of the event and won the finals as well. Rikard Gustavsson, number two in points, had one of his worst weekends ever in FIM competition as he qualified last and lost out in the first round of eliminations agains Ian King. King is in a comfortable lead after this event but the championship will be decided at the European Finals at Santa Pod.

FIM Super Street Bike Cup was back in action and pulled the biggest field of all car and bike classes. 33 bikes fought for 16 qualifying spots, it was as usual a very tight battle and this field also had a good number of first time FIM racers in place. Shaun Buttigieg from Malta ran a new personal best ET and was the number 1 qualifier, he made it to the semi finals where he lost against Mogens Lund from Denmark. That win put Mogens in his first FIM final as was also the case for Brad O'Conner from the other side of the ladder. Brad ran a solid set of strong 7.4 second runs throughout eliminations and capped off a perfect weekend by taking out Mogens Lund in the final with yet another personal best. Mogens second place meant taking the points lead in the chase for the championship.

The championship for all of the FIM classes will be decided at the final race at Santa Pod.

Top 3-points after the NitrOlympX:
- Pro Stock Bike: #1 Fredlund, no change.  #2 Laseur, no change. #3 Weikum, +7 places.
- Super Twin Top Fuel: #1 Kemppainen +1 place. #2 Jäger -1 place. #3 Aasen, no change.
- Top Fuel Bike: #1 King, no change. #2 Gustavsson, no change. #3 Papafilippou +1.
- Super Street Bike: #1 Lund, +7 places. #2 Buttigieg, +1 place. #3 Bowe, -1 place.

The final race of the 2014 FIM European Championship series is the European Finals, Santa Pod, UK. Qualifying starts on Friday morning, September 5.

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