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How to start racing in the FIM European Championship

A warm welcome, and thank you for your interest in the FIM European Drag Bike Championship.

Before you can take part in an FIM Europe International event, you must ensure you do all of the following:

  1. Contact your National Federation (FMN) to obtain the correct international licence. Without the correct licence and insurance (See below “permission to take the start”), you will NOT be permitted to start the race. (A list of National federations are available on the FIM Europe home page) Here.

  2. You must contact your National Federation for formal “PERMISSION TO TAKE THE START” in International races, some federations automatically include it on your racing licence. However, some federations will issue you with a printed document, it is your responsibility to find out which method your federation uses. If your federation issues a paper document method, you must check if the document they issue you with is a one event permission document OR a one year unlimited events permission document. Remember it is your responsibility to make sure that you have the correct document because without the correct formal permission to take the start document, you will NOT be permitted to race!

  3. FIM Europe require you to have an FIM Europe issued International start number, to compete in FIM International Championships and Cups. Mr Peder Eneroth of SVEMO will allocate you an FIM International race number The number issued to you is yours for as long as you wish to race in International competition. If you finish in the top ten points positions in any year’s championship or cup your race number will change in the following year to a number 1 – 10 depending on your position in the points.
    If you wish to keep your allocated FIM International race number, you can do so. However, it is YOUR responsibility to provide the event organiser with the correct race number, because points will be allocated to the number you provide to them.

  4. Remember to enter the races in plenty of time (As most events impose a late entry penalty) each event organiser will have a web site where you can download an entry form and a copy of the event’s “Supplementary Regulations” READ THEM they are very important.

  5. Download and read the various FIM rule books Here to ensure that you understand the competition and construction regulations and ensure that your bike is legal for competition.

  6. To be eligible to receive travel – Qualification – Round win Payments, you must register for the Championship OR the SSB European Cup , 30 days before the date of the first race you wish to enter registration is an annual  “one time” payment and is valid for the  full season go to Registration  you will need to create an account and pay your registration fee with PayPal or your credit card.

  7. Payments: Travel payments are only made to the top ten foreign qualifiers in each FIM class. Qualification payments, are made to the top ten qualifiers in each class. Round win payments are only made to the winner of each round.

How to contact the FIM Championship / Cup administrator

The championship administrator’s office can be contacted as follows.

Mr Darren Prentice
Office +44 1234 782828

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